git reset --hard isn't that hard

Like the experienced git user that I am, I accidentally deleted some of my code. I did this by running git reset --hard HEAD^^. I meant to only insert one circumflex, but that key acts differently on windows than it does on linux. Sadly I am already way too used to the linux behaviour, which only inserts one circumflex after hitting the key twice.

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Installing Fedora 31 on a Macbook Pro 2014

The last time I decided to install something else than Mac OS on my Macbook, I decided to install an arch-based distribution. My choice was Antergos, since it was basically an easy installation of arch, but without additional software and all the good stuff, I guess. For my DE I decided to use i3, which was a pre-installation option at Antergos. However, the whole thing was somewhat painful, as there were a couple of unfunctional-by-default things:

  • Backlight (Changing / Restoring)
  • Brightness (Changing / Restoring)
  • Wi-Fi (Even after installing the driver, I still had connection issues)
  • Bluetooth (Even after getting the driver, it was horrible)
  • No system-wide scaling
  • No thermal management
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About offloading work to the client

I have been working on an open source Discord client for a while, it uses the official REST API and tries to reproduce the features of the original electron client. When I got to the point where I could actually chat, one of the first things I tried, was sending emojis. Well, didn’t quite work out. When I entered emoji-sequences like :cry: or :sunglasses:, all I got back was plaintext. But why is that, if the original client converts all those sequences into actual Unicode characters? This is simply due to the fact, that in order to implement this feature, Discord uses client-sided business logic. So before sending the message to the server, for example:

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But we have full test coverage!

I often see people claiming that their tests are as good as they could get, since they have full (100%) test coverage. And obviously 100% coverage is as good as it could possibly get. Or is it not? You guessed it, coverage isn’t everything, The quality of the tests plays a big role as well.

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Think twice before using varargs

Varargs, which is short for variadic arguments, are a pretty cool thing. They allow your functions to take from 0 to n arguments, the amount of possible function arguments might differ from language to language though. Most of you have probably already used a function which makes use of varargs. Throughout this blog post, I am gonna use Java for examples.

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